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Allied Health Advisor Allied health advisor is one of the top consultancy in Pakistan backed by years of experience specialized in healthcare sector in UAE.

As a responsible advisor, we try to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients all the time. We have evolved a time tested cost effective and efficient method to get the best candidate for our clients. We promise our best services for all your recruitment needs.


Assist and provide services to get international certification in the field of CSSD (Central sterile Services Department) from the board of sterile processing and distribution USA.


The sole mission of all the activities of ALLIED HEALTH ADVISOR is focused on Personality Development/ Human Development of the skilled, semi skilled and non skilled professionals of Pakistan inside and out side of the country, in the form of two major streams of Qualification 1, pro-academic and 2. Professional Competency Qualification, on bases of previous knowledge of the concerned person / online research thesis, assignments and short trade test.


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We provide assistance from Credential (PSV), Data flow and Exam Registration. This package helps you to seek opportunity in UAE, which benefits you in different ways.

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